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About Bed Linen

Quality & Design

 The bespoke service that we offer on all our linens is part of a process that is unchanged for nearly 100 years. Once we receive your order, it is sent to Madeira, where we cut your chosen material. It is then hand stencilled and given to the wonderful ladies who handcraft each piece. Your chosen appliqué will be added on the edge of each top sheet and pillow case and on the edge and the centre of every duvet cover. The process is finished by hand laundering and ironing. When you receive your order it is in perfect condition to go straight onto your bed.

The Truth about Thread Count

One question we have recently been asked is “does thread count indicate better quality?”
Thread count is supposed to indicate how many threads there are per square inch of fabric. This is very hard to quantify as many companies use 2 or 4 ply threads to achieve higher counts.
Probably the best indications of excellence are the quality of the cotton fibre, which should be long staple cotton, and the finishing process. This process is a highly regarded and closely guarded secret.

Should you really need to know, our thread counts are Egyptian Cotton 230 per inch², Cotton Percale 191 per inch² and Linen 139 per inch².

From our 70 years experience we believe that the best way to judge your linen is to touch it. This is why we have been using the same quality for all these years, listening to the advice of generations of happy customers.

Finest Bed Linen

Linen is one of the oldest woven fabrics in history, once considered suitable only for royalty. It is more expensive than cotton as it requires many more processes to get it to the fabric stage but it’s durability and lustre are unsurpassable. The finest linen has very consistent diameter threads and will just get better and better each time it is washed.

Often considered the healthiest material for sleeping, linen is non-allergic and can even help soften the skin due to its natural pH (acidity) balance.
Linen breathes, just like skin and can absorb up to 20% of it's own weight in moisture while still feeling dry to the touch. View our Finest Bed Linen

Finest Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is recognised as the finest, softest, best quality cotton in the world. It is well regulated and is hand picked from the Nile Delta which guarantees purity and does not stress the fibres. Only the largest staple or fibres are combed then spun and weaved to create the strongest, finest fabric.

It is characteristically cool and crisp and also offers breathability. The quality of our  Egyptian Cotton has remained unchanged for decades. View our Finest Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Finest Cotton Percale

The latest edition to our collections is our 100% Cotton Percale, a sumptuous pure cotton finished to the highest standard. We have not compromised on quality even though our Cotton Percale is less expensive than Egyptian cotton. View our Finest Cotton Percale Bedding