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About The Linen Drawer

Anna and Theo, having been in the business for many years, decided to set up The Linen Drawer. It started with their existing customer’s expressed desire for a more accessible line, one that was easy to look after, less expensive and did not have a lead time of six months, prêt à dormir, if you like. The idea was to retain the highest quality materials and beautiful finish but to keep the design simple.




Thier diffusion line will also be made in the original factory in Madeira, but instead of adding the opulent hand embroidery, the design is classic and simple with a choice of many colours to match any room. The manufacturing process is little changed.  As before, the materials are hand stencilled and cut,  the appliqué applied, in this case, by old fashioned hand guided sewing machines, with a hand finishing process of laundering, ironing and packing



Louis Sotiriades and Family has been established for more than 70 years, with knowledge of linens which is unsurpassable. Be assured that your bespoke order will be as  lovingly and carefully tended to as it has always been.