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Louis Sotiriades & Family

Louis Sotiriades, or Mr Louis as most of his customers call him, came to England from Cyprus in 1933. His family had always been in the linen business, selling beautiful Cypriot lace and embroidery. As a young man, in a more trusting England than today, he managed to make a living selling his linens door to door. After a few years of building his reputation with hard work, good service and beautiful linens, one of his customers was so delighted with her purchases that she gave Louis the names and telephone numbers of 17 of her friends. A business was born.

A chance meeting some years later brought Louis together with Fernando, a young man who owned a hand embroidery factory in Madeira. Fernando was trying to do business in London and Louis wanted to expand his linens to include the finer and more delicate hand embroidery of Madeira. This business partnership and warm friendship has lasted for more than 60 years. The combination of exquisite linens and Louis’ hard work created a business that was unique and successful, leading the young boy from a village in Cyprus to walk in palaces and manor houses, to be embraced into the exclusive circles of royalty, aristocracy and show business. Approached, many times, by newspapers and magazines to write his story and talk about his customers, Louis always refused, creating a mystique and exclusivity that has always remained. You either know Mr Louis from the recommendation of a friend or family, or you do not.

Sadly in 2013, Louis passed away at the grand age of 96. His daughter Anna and son-in-law Theo continue to run the business following his traditional values.