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Finest Egyptian Cotton

Our finest Egyptian Cotton, spun and finished to the highest standard in Italy, has always proved our most popular line. Nothing can surpass the sheer delight of slipping into freshly laundered crisp, white Egyptian Cotton bedding.

Choose an appliqué trim from the large selection to match your colour scheme and we will hand finish all your linen to your personal taste. This bespoke process can take up to six to eight weeks. 

1. Select colour   2. Select size(s)   3. Add to basket (one colour at a time)

Finest Egyptian Cotton View Large Image

3. Add to basket


  • Selected colours:
  • TOTAL:

1. Select appliqué colour

Finest Egyptian Cotton

  • White
  • Baby Blue
  • French Blue
  • green
  • Sage Green
  • Buttercup
  • Toffee...New
  • Ivory Cream
  • Hessian New
  • Pink
  • Mist New
  • Metal New
  • Black
2. Select size(s)